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There are many places to visit around Sole and Luna Vineyard, both in the area of ​​a few km and in a little further away.
At only 5 km you can visit Alberobello the urban aggregate that offers the most spectacular and fascinating concentration of trulli, recognized by UNESCO in 1996 as a World Heritage Site.
At another 5 km from us there is Martina Franca with her Palazzo Ducale which tells us about the Spanish domination, the nobility, the seventeenth-century civilization and of a baroque Rococo style that embellishes the facades of the noble palaces.
For those who love prehistory and history, we recommend the Archaeological Park of Ostuni where is kept the famous pregnant woman of the Paleolithic era who lived about 30,000 years.
In the subsoil there is a wonderful karst world of incredible spectacularity made of stalactites and stalagmites: these are the famous caves called Grotte di Castellana and Grotte di Montevicoli in Ceglie Messapica.
About 1 hour by car you can find Matera with its stones, Capital of European Culture 2019, unique places in the world.
In 20/30 minutes you will find the coast... sea lovers can find long sandy beaches further south of Torre Canne. While further north towards and beyond Savelletri, there are beaches for all tastes both free and equipped beaches and rocky coves, here even in the most crowded summer days it is always possible to find a quiet corner from which you can dive in. It is also possible to organize horseback riding, in the woods or on the beach, at sunset, kitesurfing courses, diving excursions and trekking.

Below you will find many ideas of itineraries and more detailed information for each location that we recommend visiting.