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You cannot say you know Puglia without having experienced the thrill of staying in Trulli, the characteristic stone buildings typical of the Itria Valley.

Originally peasant houses, many of the ancient trulli have now been transformed into charming residences and comfortable holiday homes in which you can spend days of leisure and rest. The experience of staying in a trullo surrounded by a countryside of olive trees and vineyards, walking through the alleys of the white towns where art and good food enhance the senses, the lights and colors of the festivals and the numerous cultural, gastronomic and religious events will make your holidays in Puglia unique and unforgettable at any time of the year.

What is a trullo

The term trullo derives from the Greek word trullos which means dome, while the term with which these dry buildings were called, throughout the Murgia, was simply "casedda", literally a small house. That is what it is about actually, a modest but comfortable house built by peasants who cleverly used the most abundant raw material in their territory: limestone. Today Trulli are declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The origins

To trace the origin of the trulli, there are those who go back to 1500 BC, when the Greek-classical name tholos indicated a dome placed on a tomb called Tesoro di Atreo. Others, however, refer to the Greek-Byzantine term torullos, which indicated the domed room of the imperial palace of Constantinople. Finally, the Latin term turris with its alterations turulla, trulla, trullum to indicate a small tower.

Trulli are the first example of insulating construction. Cool in summer and warm in winter. Both the walls and the covering cone are raised dry, with no bonds except the limestone chips: thus an air chamber is formed between one piece and the other which absorbs temperature changes and keeps it constant. The covering cone of a trullo is built without any frame, only with the "chiancarelle" laid on a shelf one on top of the other in increasingly narrow circles up to the final funnel.

The trullary masters made the trullo a self-sufficient dwelling for men and animals; a single room of thirty square meters divided to obtain the focarile, the well, the barn, the deposit for the harvest, the premises for working it. Some wooden beams, still visible in the current trulli, had no structural function but were rather used to hang food and supplies, keeping them raised off the ground.

The so-called passivity of the structure of the trulli is able to absorb even the strongest earthquake shocks. In a report of 1897 we speak about a cyclone that swept everything away, leaving only the trulli intact.

Sole&Luna Vineyard

And it is precisely in the magnificent scenery of the Itria Valley that the Sole&Luna Vineyard, a refined complex of Trulli nestled in the most lush nature, among ancient olive trees, vineyards and fig trees

Architecturally structured in two bodies, both are from the 1800s and then restored respecting the local tradition, keeping intact the flavor of simple and ancient living. A unique structure where the mild climate, the white roads and the dry stone walls together with the red earth perfumed with must create the perfect combination for a holiday of relaxation and discovery.
The strategic position, a stone's throw from Alberobello, Martina Franca, Locorotondo and the sea of Savelletri, Monopoli and Polignano, allows you to discover wonderful villages, flavors and aromas of a welcoming and genuine land, rich in history.

In an atmosphere out of time, inside the wonderful trulli, living a magical holiday is a wish that becomes reality.
The Sole & Luna Vineyard offers two elegantly furnished housing solutions: the "Sole" trulli complex, ideal for four people and the "Luna" trulli complex, which can accommodate six/seven people.
Both structures have two separate entrances and this guarantees considerable privacy to guests. The two entrances lead to two living rooms, both with fireplace, spacious and bright and each living room is connected to the kitchen, complete with all utensils. The fireplace area with sofa is ideal for relaxing and reading, watching TV, listening to music or simply to enjoy life.

The two structures overlook a large common patio, separated by hedges to ensure maximum privacy, where it is possible to organize lunches and dinners, thanks to the availability of suitable coverings and outdoor furniture. To brighten your dinners there is an outside area covered with a barbecue and a wood oven where you can indulge yourself in excellent culinary preparations.

Nestled between the vineyard and the olive trees, a 10 x 4 meter swimming pool has been created, shared by the two structures, with convenient access ideal for children and for sunbathing; it is surrounded by a solarium area with deck chairs and tables, created to spend hours of relaxation even with the little ones. The newly built swimming pool has a very modern system for disinfection and control of PH with salts and not chlorine, thus making bathing and the taste of water much more pleasant. Near the swimming pool there is also a functional shower.

Staying in the trulli Sole&Luna Vineyard, will allow you to spend your holiday in Puglia, nestled in nature, in a green and silent context, with the possibility of traveling to discover beaches, ruins, woods, farms, food and wine routes and take long walks on foot, by bike or on horseback. From the trullo it is convenient to reach both the enchanting beaches of the Ionian Sea and those of the Adriatic Sea.
A few km away, there are numerous places of naturalistic interest such as the Protected Natural Area of Torre Guaceto or the Regional Natural Park of the Coastal Dunes. It is the ideal place for those seeking rest, clean air and want to spend a holiday away from the chaos of the city in the name of countryside tranquility.

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Sole&Luna Vineyard


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Sole&Luna Vineyard


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